Who We Are

About Us

Africa Venture Lab (Group) was born in the USA, Texas-Houston in 2016 with the aim of assisting the African Entrepreneur with no access to capital and/or skills required to successfully create and running a successful venture. At Africa Venture Lab (AVL), we focus on small projects with social impact (PWSI), Overall Service Improved (OSI) and LCD (Local Companies Development).

Africa Venture Lab is an innovative agency with the mission of strengthening the African Entrepreneur. We do it by identifying innovative projects having a social impact and entrepreneurs with enough vision and desire to grow their business innovatively. We equally bring our knowledge and expertise in Management, Projects, Governance and Entrepreneurship on the ground.

Our approach starts in any country in Africa for a single project and then scale the solution as it becomes necessary and vital.

Our agile process allows us to blend into any existing team, offering a full collaborative experience.

Through African Venture Group, we bring the right STRATEGY to develop and grow your business!



Our Beliefs



There’s nothing left unsaid with our team. We maintain full transparency from start to finish, with opportunities to review our progress at each stage keeps you in the conversation and leaves nothing to assumptions or guesswork. We communicate and interact with you in the best way that suits you.


Even though the Africa Venture Group is working with you on a specific project, ultimately you have selected us because of our ability to collaborate and enhance your company’s overall identity. We are your team, our top priority is to position your company for success.


Regardless of the platform whether it’s traditional or digital, your company’s message and voice should always remain the same. Working with multiple agencies can hinder this initiative, causing wrinkles of inconsistency throughout your company’s identity.


There’s rarely a good time to ever start a project like a website, brand revamp, new piece of software or any marketing initiative or Sales Campaigns. We keep the experience simple, offering a pleasant journey from start to finish without making you feel overwhelmed.

Our Core Team

The Africa Venture Group’s ever-growing team of experts spans across the United States, Africa, and Europe. Our designers, developers, marketers, and consultants collaborate on a variety of client projects in different verticals including non-profit, healthcare, real-estate, technology startups, traditional companies and much more.

Yannick Kounga
President & Operations Director

Oliver Fomunung

Rollin Foko

Sandrine Zene
Advisor & Business Manager

Fernand Foadjo
Full Stack Developer & CEO Clean DeV

Damian Davis

Christophe Fotso

Jose Kun
Advisor, RAPEC

Nicaise Laure
Advisor & Business Manager

Kengne Nelly


We Are:


The foundation that ensures success and helps measure it
- Growth Strategy
- Business Development
- Public Relations
- Content Strategy
- User Experience
Captivating your audience with engaging experiences.
- Branding/Identity
- Application Interfaces
- Responsive Websites
- Email Templates
- Ads and Media
- Whiteboard and Explainer Videos
Digital platforms that help you connect and sell better.
- Responsive Websites
- Mobile Applications
- In-house Software
- Licensed Products
- Integrations
Extend your reach with branded innovation and authenticity.
- Digital Marketing
- Traditional (Print)
- Event Campaigns
- Social Media
- Email Marketing
Refine your processes and let Africa Venture Lab complete your team
- Process Manual Development
- Process Standardization
- Technical Writing
- Training Customization
- On-site Project Management Services
- Assessment
- Strategy Implementation
- Financial Services

We Are Your Team

We know it’s sometimes a challenge to keep creative staff on payroll. Consider us your in-house design and development group, blending in with your existing department.
You have direct line of communication to your project’s team or Yourself.
Our management process provides full transparency throughout the entire project.
Full collaboration between your resources and ours.



Let us show you how we’re the perfect addition to your company.